About Us


Cebuano TVC Director Dexter Ding moved to Manila in 2005 in the hopes of bringing his talent to the mainstream. During his time here directing TV shows and commercials he would always get weird questions when eating lechon, “No sauce?”, “Ayaw mo nang sarsa?” or “No Mang Tomas?”. He would reply that this is how he and his family and even most Cebuanos enjoy their lechon. NO CONDIMENTS. Cebuanos love and know their lechon. Actually its sacrilegious if a well balanced lechon especially from Carcar, Cebu was soaked in Manileños’ Mang Tomas. In fact you would never hear Mang Tomas spoken in  the markets of Carcar.  Fast forward to mid 2012, World renowned traveler and Food Critique Anthony Bourdain drops the line “Best Roast Pig ever” to Cebu’s constant celebration staple the “Cebu Lechon”. Crispy on the outside and definitely juicy and tender in the inside brought this celebratory dish to where it is today. Inspired, hungry and tired from flying pigs from Cebu, Dexter set out to make his own lechon available to his adopted city of  Muntinlupa. Have you ever tried freshly cooked slow roasted lechon, that hits the spot --- bringing you back to your hometown, enjoyed right inside the comfort of your home with your family? That is Bai’s Boneless Lechon’s promise. To serve you the freshest, most well balanced lechon in town.       


Dec 1, 2014, We successfully launched Bai’s Boneless Lechon to the market.     


It was supposed to be a simple home based business to provide the Alabang area a taste of our well loved lechon.   Amazingly, 2 weeks after, our lechon belly was featured in the Inquirer’s Lifestyle Section (http://business.inquirer.net/183511/pork-options-for-corporate-parties) by no less than their top food critique Ms. Margaux Salcedo (for its well balanced taste and no need of any sarsa or “suka”). Phone calls started coming in non-stop and so our little business got orders from all over the Metro Manila.  Our business model truly changed overnight. The response was so overwhelming that on Dec 20, we were already sold out for December 24 and 25. We were running on 150% max capacity with orders from all over Metro Manila. Dec 27, we were sold out for Dec 30 and 31 with orders booked from Jan 1 - Jan 31 2015 respectively.


News didn’t stopped there, someone from getrealphillipines.com, a society/culture website featured us again, allowing us to not only serve more lechon but also to have a lot of franchise inquiries which till this date we still get! August 2015, we were asked to be featured in Yummy Magazine’s Pre-Christmas Issue and was the only Lechon brand present in their 2015 Yummy Eats. We finally felt that we did something right! Features from Manila Bulletin, F&B Magazine, Rappler, Spot.ph, TV5, CNN Philippines and even Abs-Cbn wanted to know more and taste our lechon.  Our January feature in When in Manila shot our sales through the roof.  http://www.wheninmanila.com/bais-boneless-lechon-cebu-alabangs-best-kept-secret-for-cebu-lechon/


Since then, we have sold more than 2000 slabs of our humble lechon from as far as Cavite to Laguna in the south and SM North Edsa to Commonwealth ave in the north through our small home kitchen in alabang. Clients have also brought our lechon all the way to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Qatar, Guam and the USA!  From day one till today, we have always adhered to our strict food quality and sanitation standards, which helps gain the trust of our clients. 


Today, we feel that the time is now and that we are ready to open new branches all over the Philippines. As of December 2018 we have a total of 6 stores and part of that are plans of expansion in the other bigger Islands namely the Visayas and Mindanao. 


We have also added a new product, our Lechon Manok Cebu which also doesn’t need sauce but because of public demand we are launching our sweet tamarind sauce to give you the tang on every bite. With this new addition, we feel that we can finally bridge the gap between being just a delivery service to an on-demand delivery service with pick-up capabilities as well! We launched more homegrown Cebuano favorites last december and was featured quickly in one the more known blogs: http://nolisoli.ph/53766/bais-pungko-pungko-potluck-imendiola-20181212/! 


Lastly, Bai’s Boneless Lechon Cebu will continue to serve it clients and it sukis, bringing them quality lechon with the same savory yet well-balanced flavors to taste just right, without the “umay” feeling day after day after day.